We are a Nut-Free School!

Please read ingredients carefully, as many packaged snacks may contain traces or made in factory with peanuts/treenuts.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best snack to provide in order to avoid any possible traces of peanuts/treenuts. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe!



Medications will not be given to children with the exception of life threatening conditions such as a need for EpiPen.  A written consent and explicit directions from both a doctor and the parent or guardian is needed for these medications to be distributed.  The medication must be in the original container and accompanied by an Administration of Medication form.   These medications will be administered by a member of the Little Blessings staff that has been delegated by the nurse consultant and trained in compliance with Section 12-38-132 C.R.S. of the “Nurse Practice Act” as stated in the Rules Regulating Child Care Centers 7.702.41.


Topical medications such as baby powder, ointments, etc. will be administered only with the written consent from the parent or guardian. These medications must be in the original container with the child’s name on it. These medications can only be used as a preventative measure.  We are not allowed to administer on broken skin or diaper rash areas.


Prescription topical medications will only be used with a written order from a physician to Little Blessings PDO and a written consent from the parent or guardian.

Required Medical Forms

ALL Students must be fully immunized.

Little Blessings only accepts Medical Exemptions.

Below are the two medical forms required in order for your child to be enrolled in Little Blessings PDO.  These forms are to be completed by your child’s Health Care Professional and returned to the office.


Dept. of Health Certificate of Immunization Form (2 pages)
Immunization and Exemption Form

General Health Appraisal

General Health Appraisal Form


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