The philosophy of Little Blessings is to recognize each child as an individual and teach to each individual’s needs in all areas of development.


The environment is one that fosters the excitement, joy, and challenge of learning. The program also strives to create a partnership with parents maintaining open communication. The school community fosters respect, thoughtfulness, and empathy for others.


1.  We value a philosophy of child development that recognizes:


A respect for the uniqueness of each child’s growth patterns
A broad definition of a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs
The importance of constructive, supportive, and honest feedback
The understanding of one’s own strengths, weaknesses and preferences


2. We value a teaching environment that fosters:


The kind of place where children want to be
A comfortable, nurturing environment
The excitement, challenge and joy of learning
An environment that is aesthetically pleasing and age appropriate to a child
A willingness to assess and take risks


3. We value a process of education that allows for:


The setting of age appropriate standards and goals
A balance between independent creativity and structured learning
Making connections and integration of knowledge
Experimental and hands-on learning
Teacher-directed learning
The development of critical thinking


4. We value a curriculum that includes:


Teaching of core skills
An understanding of each child’s learning style
The opportunity to maximize each child’s potential
Working and learning in groups
Individualized teaching
Content which utilizes the strengths and interest of each child
Flexibility of approach, resources, scheduling and content
Preparation for future education


5. We value parents and staff who support:


The integrity and acceptance of each individual
Open communication between home and school
Open communication between staff members
A partnership in learning
The idea that all children and adults continue to learn


6. We value a school community that believes in:


Respect, thoughtfulness and empathy for others
Fostering responsibility for self and for others
A broad diversity of backgrounds