We will spend so much time laughing, singing, dancing, and creating that your child won’t realize how much they are learning. First, we will start by getting to know our classroom friends and their families. Then, we will move on to our school and community. Woven throughout our monthly themes will be pre-reading activities like letter recognition, sorting and counting, colors, numbers, and shapes. Plus, art, our specials classes, and of course, music.


What a great age! Our 3 year old children love getting to learn, share and take care of their friends. Our 3 year old program works on social skills like sharing, taking turns and cooperation.


Children are exposed to:

  • Basic colors
  • Simple shapes
  • Numbers
  • Letter recognition


Our 3 year old program also stresses self help skills such as:

  • Putting on and taking off coats
  • Hanging up coats, etc.
  • Recognizing their own cubbies
  • Going to the bathroom alone and being able to take care of his clothing afterwards
  • Throwing trash away after snack time
  • Washing hands on their own
  • Putting away toys
  • Pushing in chairs, etc.