God’s Garden & Sam’s Firehouse are our youngest classrooms. They allow 12 – 24 month old children an opportunity to learn and develop in a warm, loving, and safe Christian environment.


Our daily schedule includes free play, snack, circle time, PE, art, outside play, lunch, and naps. This allows for multiple opportunities each day for fine and gross motor development as well as the development of cognitive, language and self-help skills. The teachers have monthly themes around which they plan art projects, books, nursery rhymes and songs.


A child’s social and emotional development is critical to their future successes, so teachers and aides strive to build up their students. When children are frustrated or having a conflict with another child these are seen as “teaching moments” – an opportunity for the staff to give a student the words to use. These are amazing tools – even for the children who aren’t using their words yet. Feel free to ask a teacher for examples!


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